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Future Soundscapes Lindholmen

21 maj kl. 17:30 - 19:00


Join us for a live performance of ‘Future Soundscapes’ Lindholmen by Steve Williams/drusnoise. This sound art composition features archival sounds from the Lindholmen shipyards, field recordings of the present-day neighbourhood, and a soundscape of the future. Future soundscape co-created with Gothenburg residents who recorded sounds they wanted to hear more of and less of in a future that reimagines Lindholmen as a living composition.

Live performance followed by Q&A and panel discussion on sound, futures, and cities.

Supported by Centre for Sustainable Urban Futures, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg University, Lindholmen Science Park, Radiomuseet 

Become part of the performance! Join the public workshop on 05.04 at Lindholmen Science Park to record sounds and co-create the future soundscape. Free registration at and

Steve Williams aka drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of Berlin Modular Society and is curator of drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno. drusnoise releases and performs experimental sound art works incorporating field recordings, sonified climate change data, and feedback loops. Known in the outside world as Dr. Steve Williams, his academic work includes conducting and publishing research on sustainable energy transition and energy justice in Canada, Germany, and Sweden. Keen to merge themes of sustainability with dance music and sound art in today’s eco-challenging climate, drusnoise builds live sets from a plethora of natural sources.


21 maj
17:30 - 19:00


Plåtslagaregatan 2
Göteborg, Sverige


072 155 7996